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Thanks to [ profile] ash1977law and reposted because some one I was talking to to the other day didn't see it:
Jaguar Explained (comic form)

Of course, if you don't do Maelstrom, this may not make a lot of sense.


Sep. 5th, 2006 08:11 am
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Maelstrom this weekend.
I shall be heading to site on tha' thursday.
And am looking forward to a good weekend.
Which it will be, I'm sure. Hopefully the weather shall hold Derby 5day

Regardless, even if it doesn't I know the Jaguar shall uphold me and fill me with party spirit (maybe in the forms of party spirits).

Vague ideas for the weekend:
Lots of chocolate, in the name of Jaguar.
Leafletting (same as last cycle, but more readable font)
"Sales" technique education, for preaching the way of the Jaguar. Posted in next post, filtered, please comment if you can't read it and want to be able to. (Although if you're a Maelstromer, and not a Jaguar follower, I might decline, I do need to maintain a competitive advantage after all ;))
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Maelstrom: There were a few fliers knocking around denouncing the evils of my particular brand of priesting.
I've knocked together a kinda counter flier, that I'm thinking of handing out.
The text is posted below, because I'm interested in a spot of proofreading, however it's vaguely an in game thingy so please don't feel obliged to read it. (Although if you're attending the next maelstrom, I'm intending that you _will_ see it, if I ensure fliers are suitably distributed).

The Way of the Jaguar )


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