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Here is my journal.
If you dislike what I write, well, don't read it. It's entirely optional.
My aim is to be mostly honest, but avoid deliberately offensive (except, of course, when I'm aiming to be deliberately offensive).
If you find it entertaining enough to add to a friends list, go ahead, I won't mind. I might even add in return.

If you have an opinion on whatever subject I write about, then I'd like to hear it. But please, keep it civil.

I'm a professional geek. I sorta help run this role play game called SINergy. The rest is subject to change without warning.

Version: 3.12
GCS/E d-(++) s+:+ a- C++ USLAIH+++$>++++ P+++ L+
E-- W++ N- o+ K- w>--- O- M-- V- PS+++(+) PE++()
Y+ PGP t 5++ X+ R+ !tv b+++ DI++(+) D++ G e++ h
r-- y+>++**

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