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Is there anything quite as annoying as waiting for a delivery that doesn't arrive?
I think I have one - the delivery that arrives, but the driver doesn't even bother to knock on your door.

Interlink Express - marvelous chaps - were due to deliver my parcel today.
They even gave me a very specific 1 hour time window, and a button to reschedule, via a text message.

I was due to be working from home, so I didn't do any rescheduling. So at about 12:15, I heard my letter box rattle - that's about when the post arrives, so I wandered over to see what had arrived. (Probably more bills :().
But no, it was a 'sorry we missed you' card from Interlink express, explaining how - because I wasn't in to sign for this consignment - they had taken it away again.

Now, I was prepared for this eventuality - after all there's no guarantee I wouldn't be on the toilet when my parcel arrived, or something.

However - I'm absolutely, 100% certain that the guy didn't even knock. Because I heard the letterbox rattle, as the card came through it, and - just about - heard the sound of a van leaving as I got to the doormat.

I'm bemused. This delivery has cost me ... oh, £6.99 I think it was?
But they've clearly gone to the effort to drive to my house, find the right door, and put a card through it. Is there some mystery reason why the last 30s of effort might be just a bit too much?
Do delivery drivers have a time window 'per delivery' which they have to be careful not to overrun? So are in danger of getting to 14m30 on this delivery, and simply not have time to _actually_ unload it, because they only have 30s left?

I'm really not sure. All I know, is I'm immensely irked by the frankly shoddy customer service this represents. I was at home, waiting for the delivery - and they've treated as a game of 'knock down ginger'. (only without the knocking).

PS - I hope Interlink Express customer services have set up google alerts, and therefore will see this post. Hi there. I'm a disappointed customer.
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