Aug. 11th, 2013

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The Vale Wildlife hospital again, put out a call for volunteers on Facebook - at this time of year in particular, they're really rather busy, and it's the holiday season. So I sort of got volunteered - their hedgehogs needed a bit more attention.

With a day starting 'before 8am' (on a saturday *shudder*) I made my way to the hospital. Made a brief hello, and then started to give the guy who actually knew what he was doing a hand. The work at hand was the hedgehogs. This was a ... room? shed? well, place with a number of hedgehog enclosures. They were due their weekly weighing, feeding and cleaning. Mostly there were recuperating patients, who'd been admitted for a variety of reasons - usually 'got stuck somewhere' or otherwise needed rescuing - one had fallen in a swimming pool, for example, and had needed rescuing.

A few, were pregnant or had recently given birth - a few enclosures had '5-ish' hoglets. Which look a lot like miniature hedgehogs, but their spines haven't actually hardened and gone prickly, and they're just a bit smaller and more wobbly. Working down the line of enclosures, involved scooping the hedgehog(s) out with a pair of leather gloves I was on the 'larger end' of their volunteers - most, particularly on this day, seem to be female and college/university age, and so the gloves in the room were just too small.

(This is the 'before' photo - these little ones are in the process of being moved, one at a time, to a new, clean enclosure, after being weighed).
Because pictures )

But all in all, an interesting sort of a day. I'm unfortunately not going to be in a position to do a regular shift at the hospital, but think I shall keep an eye out when for when they're short handed again. (I'm on the list as being able to fetch rescuees on my way home from work, which is a little less time intensive.)


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